Bobby Load

Published on October 28th, 2013

bobbyloadposterHere Lies Bobby Load
It was a very sad day on October 19, 2012, when the legendary singer of the South Florida punk band LOAD, Robert H. Johnston passed away. Bobby Load lies in our hearts and in the memories of the South Florida music scene. Who can forget him lying on that dusty old couch/pew at the back of Churchill’s Hideaway?

As anyone who knew him can attest, he will never be forgotten. He had a smile, wit, and a certain charm that made one want to hang out with him. His scream, stage presence, and crazy antics were notorious throughout South Florida. On stage, Bobby Load was a maniac. Off stage, he was a kind, humble, artistic savant of sorts. He provided those who knew and loved him with a lifetime of “Bobby stories”.

In addition to LOAD, Bobby later fronted the bands Southern Flaw, The Vomits, The Little Bastards, and too many others to mention. He also played at various bars and open mic nights in the area – just Bobby and a guitar – oh, and a beer. Ironically enough, the artwork that he created and sold around town is now revered by many. Those who own his pieces cherish them and keep them well-guarded.

Rat Town Records is putting out a LOAD Hits/Tribute type of album so we’ve been working with Rat Bastard. The other day we stumbled across a reel that was unmarked. When we heard it, amongst the very rare unreleased stuff, was “9th Grade Arkansas Plowboy”. I freaked, then Mr. E said, “The look on your face right now tells me we found a gem” We all knew we had found Somethin’ Fuckin’ Killer!

On Saturday, November 2, Bobby Load’s home-away-from-home, Churchill’s Hideaway in Miami, will host a celebration of his life and music. Entertainment for the evening will include the 33 1/3s, the Psycho Daisies, Shark Valley Sisters, Southern Flaw, Homos, the Shakers, and a special performance by myself (Fausto Figueredo) and Jeff Tucci of LOAD and Bobby’s brother, Jeff Johnston will take the stage as well. D.J. Skidmark will also be on hand to spin some of Bobby’s favorite tunes.

There will also be video projections of old LOAD performances and Churchill’s is setting up a small memorial for Bobby on the bar (Where else?). Bobby’s artwork will also be on display. Everyone is invited to listen to his music, sing along, tell stories and raise a glass to our friend and brother, Bobby “Load” Johnston, the best damn singer this town has ever seen.

Saturday, November 2, 2013, 10pm Cover is free.
~ Fausto

This first track below was written and recorded in tribute to Dan Hosker and Bobby Load.
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