Published on November 2nd, 2021

BL_ANKSTUDIOS by Jesse Henderson

Alongside the Southern Boulevard overpass at Georgia Avenue, where downtown West Palm Beach turns industrial, you’ll find the city’s newest art collective, The Peach, which opened in September in a row of converted garage bays. Inside one of the bays you’ll find artists Michaela Kyle and Gina White and their BL_NK Studios.

Having known each other for years, the duo told PureHoney they jumped at the opportunity to reserve Studio 1 at the invitation of The Peach’s manager, artist and fellow tenant Craig McInnis, and its owner, arts and nightlife entrepreneur Rodney Mayo. Two artists with distinct styles and a shared goal to “foster creative opportunity for the community,” White and Kyle joined a “squad of dedicated creatives who are focused on bringing new life to the local art scene,” said White.

Even a glimpse through the doorway of BL_NK is tantalizing: A feeling of unlimited possibilities peeks right back from the lively artistic workspace. When PureHoney arrived for an interview, White rose in greeting from a blue velvet couch. Her fine-art/pop-art hybrid works sprawled across the surrounding walls, interspersed with Kyle’s more traditional illustrations and paintings of human experience.

Lounging beneath one of her most recognized works — one of her popular, large-scale wallpaper people — White occasionally parried invitations to sum up the studio, the artists, their styles, their mission and anything else of interest. “The questions give me anxiety,” she protested. “I’m just trying to make some paper dolls.” But she graciously hung in there, fielding questions from the comfort of the duo’s “creatively inspired home away from home,” as they call it.

White and Kyle also followed up by email with answers attributed to both of them. The following Q&A has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

Michaela Kyle

What experience is BL_NK Studios striving to provide its visitors?

BS: We hope visitors experience an authentic connection to our love of art through the work we produce.

Who are a few of BL_NK Studios’ creative influences?

White: My biggest creative influence has always been my dad and his carpentry skills. He taught me the value of making something wonderful out of a few scraps of material which today is clearly reflected in my recent collection of work.

PH: Are there any art trends that BL_NK Studios plans to experiment with in the future?

White: There are a couple of art trends that I’m experimenting with currently: Three dimensional installations and something I call “ancient figure discovery,” where I strive to make new pieces feel like other worldly antiques through the use of various techniques.

Gina White

What art and exhibits is BL_NK Studios most excited for in the upcoming months?

BS: We have been surprised and simply stunned at the amount of press, attention and recognition “The Peach” has received following our grand opening in September and are very excited to be involved with multiple exhibitions outside of BL_NK Studios that have been offered as a result of such a hugely successful debut. One being Michaela’s work that she has been invited to feature, as a locally inspired artist, at the Norton Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibit, “Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism from the Jaques and Natasha Gelman Collection.”

Does BL_NK Studios have any events in the upcoming months?

BS: As a part of The Peach collective, we plan to open our doors to the public each month for a three day weekend celebration of art, music, great food & community. Soon, we will also host workshops and events for anyone interested in expanding their creative skills and networking exclusively at BL_NK Studios.

Follow BL_NK Studios on Instagram at @bl_nk.studios ~ Amanda E. Moore