Published on January 10th, 2015


artfuzzThe Problem: Low attendance and apathy for museum culture among the tri-county youth.

The Solution: Get the community inspired and excited again about museums by merging the worlds of visual and audio arts with history and local “celebrities”. In this rapidly growing and changing world, kids and teens haven’t the attention span for the museums that once were, let’s face it, neither do most adults. What they fail to realize however, is that museums offer a world of imagination and culture condensed into a single, custom designed space. We are missing the universal shared experience of the past and our 6th sense has been wasted on living second hand. The experience that a visit to the museum provides is unlike any other and one necessary for the betterment of society.

Here’s what they did:

10805729_800549193334973_8806809530227384699_nCollective America paired with Reeltone Recordings, Bedlam Lorenz Assembly and Young at Art Museum to live record a dozen local bands in the foreground of one of the most vibrant, exciting sets that South Florida has to offer. Fort Lauderdale based artist, Christopher Ian Macfarlane had an ongoing installation at YAA museum which was utilized for the project. If you are familiar with MacFarlane’s work, you know there is never a shortage of style or imagination. With museum attendance at an all-time low, they believe the release of these recordings will inspire citizens to want to engage in something bigger than themselves and much, much bigger than their computers.

They now invite you to see and hear these works come to life during a release party they’ve named ART FUZZ at Jump the Shark (formerly The Bubble), highlighting the experience through all forms of live and recorded media. The public can expect high energy, live music from participating bands, plus a CD compilation made available for purchase, refreshments, and an inviting community atmosphere!

The ART FUZZ sessions will be unveiled on Friday, February 6, 2015 from 6pm-12am. Live performances by Wastelands, Milk Spot, Kill Mama, the Grey 8’s, Pocket of Lollipops, Plastic Pinks, Bleeth and Kat CHR. Jump the Shark: 810 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale FL. HEAR some of the tracks NOW on this month’s FREE PureHoney compilation!