AJ Davila y Terror Amor

Published on March 5th, 2014

AJ Davila y Terror Amor

AJ Davila y Terror AmorAJ Davila y Terror Amor + Plastic Pinks + The Gun Hoes + Gallimimus + Hard Money T on decks.

Sunday, April 20 at Propaganda Lake Worth

“Puerto Rico, an island many think only produces reggaeton, actually has an amazing indie, punk, garage and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll scene. It’s as brilliant as it is under-appreciated. One of my favorite garage-rock bands of recent times, Davila 666, is now on a break, but singer AJ Davila has an insanely strong new solo album called Terror Amor. Fans should be pleased to find that the album stays close to Davila’s garage-rock/doo-wop/punk roots, but dares to play with fun new elements. The use of chopped-and-screwed, syrupy vocals in anthemic songs like “Chica Tinieblas” is like a wink at the listener: This is fun, don’t get too serious, enjoy the ride. “Es Verano Ya” (“It’s Summer Already“) feels like a day at the beach: just a lighthearted, sunny summer love song.

Aj DavilaBut don’t dismiss AJ Davila as merely a fun summer fling; he’s too charming for that. The closing song “Animal,” which has been stuck in my head for weeks, is a taunting ditty with menacingly deep vocals, clearly aimed at an unnamed nemesis who “talks and talks but never does anything.” He sneers “I’m an animal!” in the chorus — in the process capturing what I love about Davila, and what I wish more “crossover” Latin music was allowed to have. He has an edge. He’s a nice, fun dude you’d want to hang out with, sure, but that playfulness isn’t nearly as enticing as his sharp teeth.” ~Jasmine Garsd | Read the full story at NPR

“AJ Davila is known for being the founder of the acclaimed Puerto Rican garage rock band Davila 666, with whom he recorded two albums and toured the world. The band has been praised by Pitchfork for their “sheer anarchic energy, not to mention a formidable gift for language-transcending hooks.” In 2011, the band decided to take a break, but AJ kept moving, and began working on his own project. His debut solo album, ‘Terror Amor,’ which was released on February 18, 2014, has gotten major buzz from Pitchfork, Spin, VICE, NPR, CMJ, MTV Iggy, Brooklyn Vegan, KEXP, and more. ITunes featured AJ Davila’s “Lo Que No Sera” (featuring Alex Anwandter) as the Itunes Single of the Week, while NPR premiered the full album stream via ‘first listen.’

Though embarking on a solo project was initially intimidating, AJ Davila took advantage of the creative freedom and created “the soundtrack of your life and my life together.” It brings together the guitar-fuzz of ‘60s garage, the raw energy of 70’s punk and the irrepressibly catchy choruses of 80’s pop, a combination that Pitchfork described as “the balance between sweetness and distortion.” Read more at The Glass House

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