Published on April 6th, 2019

The Dewars

There are similarities between West Palm twins Anthony and Zachary Dewar with the 2015 documentary “The Wolfpack.” If the Angulo brothers found refuge within the realms of cinema after years of isolation and abuse, the Dewars found solace within their talents when facing the perils of Palm’s AOR and cover band scene.

Eschewing “genrefication” and traditional routes to play their music, the long road the brothers have traveled has helped to create a band myth and a tabula rasa on which to enjoy their work. Because their work is enjoyable and approachable. The eclectic influences blend Aussie feels, Florida’s tropical wave and the luxury of isolation. Sporadic as it may seem, their music is fully realized and mature, lofty yet grounded — a kind of blues informed by every genre and expressed as if every genre contained some blues.

“We moved from Florida to Atlanta for about a half a year, then over to Gainesville for a little over a year and then New York City for a year,” the brothers tell PureHoney by email. “Half in Washington Heights and half in Bushwick until recently moving back to St. Augustine in part due to family health issues as well as a general desire to return home from the journey.”

After experiencing these trappings, like many Florida bands before them, the Dewars are ready to get back into the relative swing of things, or as relative a swing as can be for them. Their new home might be a little of the old Palm Beach in a way, given the tourist trade, but they are finding it a great place for music with exposure, diversity, enthusiasm and acceptance. They’re excited about upcoming projects and performing in South Florida again. They’re also working on a new album.

“A lot of interesting things happened along the way and it was overall, a valuable experience, even if it ultimately led to an appreciation for the people and things in our home state,” the brothers say. Prophetic for a band with a song titled “Sucker for Your Hometown.” But they’re not the suckers; they just know home is the retreat where you create.

The Dewars play 8pm April 4 at Voltaire in West Palm Beach with Dad’s Day Off, DirtBike and Lindsey Mills. ~ Abel Folgar

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