Published on April 2nd, 2013

SweatstockDo you cherish the idea of pacing back and forth between Churchillís Pub and Sweat Records amidst an all-day block party of tunes, brews, and an overload of, of course, newly-released grooves?

Yes, why yes you do.

On April 20th, Miami’s own Sweat Records will be hosting its fourth-annual Sweatstock, which happens to coincide with Record Store Day, when vinyl lovers celebrate their affection for shiny acetate via extra special releases. 35+ bands and DJ’s are expected to perform including but certainly not limited to: Otto Von Schirach, Rat Bastard, ANR, Cog Nomen, Jean Jacket, Testokra, Dim Past, Gold Dust Lounge, Beat Machines, Holly Hunt, and This Heart Electric. Speedfreek Presents is curating the Churchill’s Main Stage and Roofless Records have some “super weird awesomeness lined up” for the Patio Stage. If that doesn’t have your engines yet revved, there will also be a number of food trucks and other assorted goodies (like ticket freebies) in store. Sweat Records owner Lolo Reskin kindly answered a few questions for PureHoney about what to expect:

Sweat Records has been around for eight years–Sweatstock four. Congrats! Whatís the key to longevity in the Miami area?
Adaptability, networking, being nice, and having good karma.

Recently via Facebook, I noticed an announcement saying that Jack White will be Record Store Daysí ambassador. Whatís this entail?
Jack White is the national ambassador.  He’ll be putting out videos and information to get the general public excited about record stores, vinyl, and Record Store Day.

What made you decide to combine Sweatstock and Record Store Day? 
Our original anniversary was in March but we moved that a while ago to separate it from WMC and Ultra.  It makes sense for us to combine RSD and our anniversary – people come early for the RSD exclusives and stay for the live acts through the night.  Everything happens in the shop, in the lot next to it, and at Churchill’s.

What can we expect from the fourth edition of Sweatstock?
Different bands (we rarely repeat year-to-year), fun food trucks, tons of vinyl, and as always – some surprises…

How can one get involved and support this years Sweatstock?
To support, people can donate via Indiegogo:
http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sweatstock-2013 or RSVP and spread the word on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/425245680890532/

~Dilara Tuncer