Published on June 19th, 2017



Too punk rock for the country crowd, too country fried for the punkers… since 1988, Eddie Spaghetti and a revolving door of cohorts have been doing it their way; even if never fully settling for a specific genre has cost them broader fame and larger fortunes. But there is fame and some degree of fortune in doing it your way for this long; helping define the cowpunk genre paved the way for many in the underground outlaw country scene.

Formed in Tucson, Arizona by Spaghetti and friend Dan “Thunder” Bolton, Supersuckers would relocate to Seattle at the height of the grunge movement and quickly endear themselves to the grunge and punk crowd that found their humorous and ballsy take on rock and roll a breath of fresh air in the rather morose environs of that era’s music scene.

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Signing with Sub Pop and releasing a handful of albums helped establish the band’s legacy of hard rocking and cleverly written songs about drugs, booze, girls, and evil. Wearing their demons on their sleeves has imbued the band with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that is bolstered by high energy, raucous live performances. Pared down to a trio now with “Metal” Marty Chandler on guitar and Chris Von Streicher on drums hasn’t tempered the sound one bit.

In June of 2015, after hitting the ten album mark and with tours planned, Spaghetti was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer. While everything came to screeching halt and he had to reassess his situation, Spaghetti got through the hard times by diving into his songwriting and with a little help from his friends. Eddie Vedder and Mudhoney to name a few came to his aid and helped raise funds.

The oropharynx cancer in his throat was not gonna keep this hard rocker down and now that cancer is a dust cloud twirling in the wind of his rearview mirrors, the Supersuckers are back in full force, ready to give the US and Canada the business before heading overseas to Europe. Next year, they’ll join likeminded outfits in the Outlaw Country Cruise because the high seas need the business too.

Supersuckers with Armageddon Man, Riot Agents, Vagrant Stomp, The Gazms at 9pm on Thursday, July 13 at Churchill’s Pub.
~ Abel Folgar

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