Star Spangled Junkies

Published on June 15th, 2013

audiojunkie22Join us this Thursday, July 4 as we celebrate our independence with an all-day Audio Junkie fundraiser at Gramps!

This years event features:
—Free beer (while it lasts) by MIA Brewery
—All day BBQ by “La Guaperia”
—New Audio Junkie zine release!
—Exclusive screenings of episodes and oddities!
—Local Vendors!
—1st annual Air Guitar Championship hosted by Anthony Hernandez!
—Local independent record labels Roofless Records and Other Electricities will joining in with Dim Past’s new 12″, “Black Dolphin”

1:30 The Bows and the Ties
2:00 Mr. Entertainment
2:30 Shark Valley Sisters
3:00 Las Tias
3:30 Pocket of Lollipops
4:00 Haochi Waves
4:30 Body Garden
5:00 Astrokatz
5:30 Ironing
6:00 Zigtebra (Download ‘Young Tongue’ a FREE track on this month’s PureHoney Compilation)
6:30 Jackie Ransom
7:00 Testokra
7:30 Sharlyn
8:00 Gun Hoes
8:30 Mothersky
9:00 Jellyfish Brothers
9:30 Death Fuck
10:00 Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes
10:30 Human Fluid Rot
11:00 Orbweaver
11:30 Dim Past
12:00 The Tunnel
12:30 The Cost
1:00 Rat Bastard
1:30 Dyslexic Postcards