Soundbite Presents

Published on January 29th, 2018

In the loosely inscribed tome of our collective conscious here in South Florida, there are a lot of storylines on offer. Most people want the beach when they first arrive. Some folks want a nightlife that promises “Scarface”-type club shenanigans until sunup. Then there are others who embrace the eclecticism: Though we are known for a party, there is also nuance to our delivery systems for a good time.

SoundBite Magazine is hosting one such night of varied music and photography to showcase up-and-coming talents in two mediums. Atop the musical card for SoundBite Presents we have Thoughts, a group describing itself as alternative rock/chamber pop. I would add that on certain tracks they owe a huge debt to Jamiroquai while others incline more towards traditional alt-rock a la The Strokes. If that’s your thing, and how could it not be, this group will pair nicely with your palate.


The Bitter Blue Jays are a garage-rock trio that is one part White Stripes and one part Captain Beefheart. (If the second reference strikes you as a little obscure, never mind; just strap in for some fun.) Their sound is a guttural blues played with heart and style in spades. If you prefer something more polished, PJ Aviles has you covered with his smooth, head-bobbing jazzy pop tunes. Also on board is Del Pelson, an art-rock outfit from the wilds of Boca Raton that would not be out of place touring with a band like Beirut.

The lineup spans West Palm Beach and Miami, encapsulating the variety of South Florida music. But SoundBite Presents would not be complete without a visual component. So we have a photography exhibit and the Florida Photographer Meet-up, where you can commune with picture-takers from around the state and peruse their work. Featured photographers include Jesse Gene Samuel a Boca resident originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Alexis Karr from Tampa, Victor Morais from Pompano Beach and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Martha Perez-Mendez from West Palm. So go on, get out of your house and step into the scene in all of its guises. Live a little.

Soundbite Presents: Thoughts, Bitter Blue Jays, PJAviles, Del Pelson place February 2 at Voltaire.
~ Tim Moffatt

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