Published on February 4th, 2017


20170111_131602Local Love Live is a brand new monthly party hosted by Aimee from SHAKE 108. We asked her a few questions about the party and her radio show:

How did you get involved with Shake 108?

I started working with Shake 108 shortly after they launched, I sent in music suggestions and a majority of them ended up in rotation. Eventually, I started underwriting ads for local events, businesses and nonprofits. Last year, on Valentine’s Day, I launched the Local Love Live Show. I always wanted to be a radio DJ. I have some DJ and production experience and am a musician myself, so being able to produce and host Local Love Live here in Miami, especially right now, has been an amazing opportunity.

What sort of response are you getting from the local community?

The local artists are extremely grateful and supportive of each other by way of sharing posts and tuning in to hear their friends on the air.  The venues have been receptive as well and since LLL is mobile, we can broadcast from various events, studios and venues.

Why did Shake choose to minimize the large corporate commercial aspect?

We are a community radio station and we are here to serve locals, not the corporate conglomerates that own almost every other station. By not catering to them, we leave room for locals to get affordable (and in some cases free) advertising.

How do you choose bands?

I choose bands that are gigging around town and many times based on their release schedules. More bands are reaching out to let us know when they have important events and are happy to mention them if we can’t get them on the air.

Shakes plans for 2017?

We are working hard on our 2nd Annual Music & Comedy Festival to be held early March (our 3 year anniversary). It will feature local and national musicians, DJ’s, comedians and local non-profits. We are also excited to announce the first monthly Local Love Live Showcase! The first and LLL’s ONE YEAR PARTY will be at Kill Your Idol w. The Deadly Blank and Dyslexic Postcards. Each one will be held at different venues and feature different artists. Beyond that, we are focused on adding more programs to the weekly line up and collaborating with the community, in business, print and music across all genres. Our goal is to be the best and most inclusive community radio station in South Florida!

Come celebrate SHAKE 108’s Local Love Live 1st Anniv on Wed, Feb 15 at Kill Your Idol with The Deadly Blank and Dyslexic Postcards. This Showcase is in collaboration with Cheap Miami Records and the party starts at 8pm with an on air Q&A and attendees are encouraged to get on the air with Aimee and ask a few questions, send a shout out or just say Hi to Miami)! The full event will be broadcast live from Kill Your Idol! This is a free show and ladies drink free from 10pm to 2am.