Priya Van Challenge

Published on October 22nd, 2014

Priya Van Challenge

priyaWith all apologies to my “ice bucket challenge” friends – and while it’s great to see so much money being raised for ALS – i’d like to challenge all my FB people to check out this page and help out a friend if you can.

For those of you who don’t know, Priya Ray is a musician/artist who played in the band Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa down here in the 90’s. in 1999 she had a tragic accident at a gig resulting in a severe spinal injury which has left her wheelchair bound. Priya is an amazing person, continuing to perform with her band, make art, organize benefits and basically not letting her disability define her.

When our friend Dan Hosker suffered his own terrible accident and lay in a coma (as Priya had for a month), she reached out to me for updates and desperately wanted to speak to him when he regained consciousness, to help him and guide him along a path of recovery and living with a disability she knew all too well. unfortunately that wasn’t to be, but I’ll never forget her calm spirit and words of hope in such a bleak time. kls

A handicap-accessible van would be a real lifeline for Priya, helping her to regain some of the independence she’s lost.

So my challenge to all of you: Get a glass, fill it with ice, pour in some bourbon, take a sip, hit the link below and give what you can, finish the bourbon… dump the ice down the sink. done. ~ Rob Elba