Published on March 6th, 2019

PINC LOUDS (Brooklyn)

“Imagine you wake up one day and you are happily trapped inside a giant piñata with the Pixies, Billie Holiday, the Chordettes, Daniel Johnston and Carmen Miranda. Then the world opens up with the swing of a stick and all of a sudden you are at a children’s birthday party and there’s all the cake and Coca-Cola you could ever want.”

It sounds like a party DJ’d by acid-eating unicorns under a blitzkrieg of hardcore LEDs, and that’s Claudi Love of the Pinc Louds describing her music in an interview with PureHoney.

The Brooklyn-based band is the grown-up manifestation of Love’s childlike musical dreams, with herself on guitar, vocals and kalimba. A core trio features Ofer Bear on bass and Rai Mundo on drums, with additional work from Marc Mosteirin on keys and Pedro on percussion.

“We all believe in the same thing, which is having fun and making people have fun through beauty,” she says. “We try to find beautiful sounds that not only move our guts and our brains and our chests, but also our feet and arms and bellybuttons.”

This sound is rooted in Love’s experience as a street performer and collective band influences that run the gamut from rock ‘n’ roll and its kin to jazz/fusion, world music and cabaret. This wild aural ride is also a byproduct of Love having been raised in sun-drenched Puerto Rico.

Their latest effort, “Delancey St. Station,” is a fourteen-track epistle to the downtown New York subway station the band played as buskers. It recreates the commuter platform’s around-the-clock bustle and is an ornate, fully-realized musical experience inviting deep dives and continuous dancing. The Pinc Louds plan new releases later this year, one featuring their new, Spanish-language material.

Love delights in the band’s ability to combine known elements into new, magical feels. She’s also very confident of the power her band has and says of the upcoming tour, “if this is not one of the top five shows you’ve ever been to (you, the reader), we’ll give you a free CD/frisbee. See you there!”

The Pinc Louds play 8pm March 19 at Voltaire in West Palm Beach. ~ Abel Folgar

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