Published on June 17th, 2017


PEARS | Courtesy Fat Wreck Chords

Straddling the line somewhere between the mellifluous drip of melodic pop-punk and all out, balls-to-the-wall hardcore, New Orleans’ PEARS brings some much needed fresh air to the scene. Currently comprised of Zach Quinn on vocals, Brian Pretus on guitar/vocals, and Erich Goodyear and Jarret Nathan on bass and drums respectively, PEARS can boast the type of chemistry and execution bands with longer tenures haven’t quite figured out yet. Maybe it’s the inherent humor that permeates their work from their take on Lee Ving and co.’s iconic stencil of FEAR or their longtime friendship—the band is light years beyond the three they’ve been together.

“The big secret is that me and a couple of guys were in a band called the Lollies for a few years,” states Quinn on their Facebook page. “That band broke up, we took some time away from each other and then we just tried to do it right this time. I guess we really kind of lucked out. We didn’t make the same mistakes—the same mistakes being really too fuckin’ drunk to do anything.” A rare feat surrounded by the infamous excesses of The Big Easy but the truth is evident in the remarkable qualities of their sizeable catalog.

Their debut album, Go to Prison, originally released on Off with Their Heads’ Ryan Young’s Anxious and Angry label, was written and recorded within their first two months as a band. Following up with a 7” gave the band enough of a respite amidst a frenetic and demanding touring schedule to buckle down and concentrate their energies on Green Star, a highly enjoyable effort which marks their first full-length for Fat Wreck Chords. With their debut re-released by Fat, PEARS has enjoyed the added exposure of the large indie and the supporting roles touring with labelmates.

After a quick tour of the American northeast and Canada, PEARS will spend the month of May doing something very few bands have done in the past: dedicate a mini-tour to Florida. After opening at the Masquerade in Atlanta, the band will grace Florida from Tallahassee through Lake Worth, bringing their firebrand of high-energy hybrid punk rock along the way before setting off to Europe in the late summer to hit festivals and most members of the European Union.

Slammie & PureHoney present PEARS w. Armageddon Man, Whiskey Walls, and Between Enemies at 8pm on Thursday, May 18 at Propaganda. 18+. Visit  RSVP
~ Abel Folgar

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