Published on February 17th, 2017



Pearl Earl

Chances are, if you live outside of the greater Dallas, TX area, you may not have heard of Pearl Earl. We’re here to make the introduction.

Members: Ariel Hartley, lead vocals/guitar, Bailey Chapman, drums, Stefanie Lazcano, bass, Chelsea Danielle, keyboardist (who joined after meeting Hartley at Blue Thunder Sweat Lodge).

Homebase: Denton, Texas.

Style: psych-rock (although Lazcano points out that’s just the easiest way to categorize their evolving style).

Spirit Animal: Pegasus.

Favorite Part of Touring: Meeting new people. Making new friends.

Least Favorite Part of Touring: Deciding who’s going to be the designated driver.

In 2014, Hartley had been playing in a band in Denton, TX, but she had also been writing songs and had a vision of forming her own band. After a fortuitous late-night drunken jam session with Hartley, Chapman, and Lazcano, Pearl Earl was formed.

The psych-rock trio, now four piece, released their first EP to local acclaim. “Karaoke Superstar” was nominated for “Best EP” in 2015 in the Dallas Observer Music Awards. Now, they are looking forward to touring with their newest member keyboardist Chelsea Danielle and the May release of their first full-length self-titled album, recorded at Elmwood Recordings in Dallas.

In two years, Pearl Earl has had about ten, month-long tours all self-booked. On their way to Tulsa to perform at a Valentine’s Bash, Hartley shared how they transitioned from playing local gigs to touring throughout the southeast as well as on the west coast.

“Basically you just have to reach out.” Hartley says, “You have to look at yourself and be organized. All of our tours, we booked it ourselves. We basically just drew out on a map what we wanted to do, and then we contacted people that we knew in other bands.”

Chapman added, “Helping out other touring bands that come through Denton, giving them a place to stay or playing at the show. If you help them out, they will help you out.”

Pearl Earl invites you to come out for the music, stay for the party March 11 when they perform with Denudes, Pocket of Lollipops, Chaucer and Tete a Tete at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. Entry to the show is $5. Doors 9pm. March 12 at Fuzz Baby w Denudes, Killmama and Fat Sun. March 16 at Lincoln’s Beard with The Citadel. Learn more about the band at
~ Jessica Chesler

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