Published on August 27th, 2017



Some people say that Dallas’ time to transition is 2017. With last year marred by police killings, protests, and the fallout of the Presidential election—it was looking bleak. However, art is often a mirror of life and the sprouts of seedlings are coming through the cement cracks with the Dallas Observer’s Jeff Gage recent proclamation, “Dallas is changing and the music scene in North Texas is changing with it.”

“We (LOAFERS) are a band that thrives from playing live shows and interacting with the energies of other humans we happen to come across,” says Taylor Smith. “Whatever is going on in our lives goes out the window once we hit the stage and start that first song. After that, it’s all a blur.”

Originally from Waco, Loafers take the loafing out from the definition and have been a hardworking quad since inception since limited live gigs in their hometown pushed the band onto the road and into their new digs in Dallas. Formed in 2012 with their current lineup coalesced two years later when founding guitarist/vocalists Eric Eisenman and Smith recruited bassist Savannah Loftin and drummer Josh Wachtendorf into the fold; Loafers has been etching an identity into the hallowed annals of Texan rock and roll.

Texas’ music scene has always exhibited the very best of the state and has long stood in sharp contrast with the mainstream preconceptions. One need not look too far to see the chutzpah of the Mydolls, the irreverence of the Dicks, or the open-mindedness of the Butthole Surfers to see the torch passed to this young outfit. Their motto of “be weird. It’s more fun that way,” is not a catchy hook devised by over-caffeinated copywriters—it’s the real deal and their garage punk party rock has the urgency of frenetic fun often lacking from today’s bands.

“What we like about the Dallas music scene is that on any given night you can go out to Deep Ellum and run into so many fellow friends and musicians, many of whom work and live in the area,” says Smith. “All of us in Loafers, work in Deep Ellum! The music scene in Dallas is also very diverse. We have played shows with solo pop artists, rappers, southern country bands, etc. There’s never a shortage of good local talent in Dallas.”

Deep Ellum is no accident. A revitalized music and arts district; it is a perfect place for a band who found a home and like-minds. New recordings, new tours coming—Loafers aren’t loafing, they’re transitioning into a formidable band we’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Loafers with Lindsey Mills and the Lazy Lovers at 9pm on Friday, September 15 at Voltaire WPB. https://loafers.bandcamp.com.
~ Abel Folgar

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