Kings Head Records

Published on December 11th, 2013

Ben Wash, Credit: Casino Nelson

In under employed America, sometimes instead of getting a job you have to make one. This is what happened in the beginning of 2013 when two brothers, Daniel and Ben Washburn, and their friend Will Garcia started King’s Head Records. They discovered an old modeling agency to use as an office, built a studio, and signed their first artist- Ben Wash. Their goal was to put out hard hitting electronic music, position their roster alongside already established artists and thrust KH directly into an exploding electronic music scene.

Less than a year later, things are buzzing at that old modeling agency. KH has put out three EPs and a single from their now three artists. A fashion designer runs operations and an Argentine journalist runs the one woman press department. They even have an office manager. During this time they have learned how to be a record label, amassing music, events, images and ideas that make up a 21st century brand.

Currently they are on the eve of their biggest project yet, Ben Wash’s debut full-length album “Snob Rock“. They believe it genuinely has the makings of what could be one of the strongest debuts by an electronic artist ever. It has a wide array of intense electro, dark and beautiful vocal tracks, and a grand sweep that will make it a real listening experience. As it goes with EDM, there will of course be remixes by established crowd pleasers.

King’s Head is all about new experiences. Their recently launched, highly interactive website draws visitors into the future. In “Visions” listeners can play games, manipulate shapes and be dazzled by visual tricks while listening to the artist’s songs. In a time when having someone sit through a three minute music video is a real challenge, “Visions” is an interactive experience that is new and completely engrossing.

King’s Head has also created a “Castle” series of events in Miami. Once each month, at The Garret in Grand Central, they showcase both label and local artists as DJ’s for what might be the hippest party in Miami for electronic music. Each party is color themed with a mind bending projection system. These events, like everything else they do, showcase the touchstones of King’s Head: dark-convulsive dance music, intriguing visuals, all delivered with a wink.

~Will Garcia




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