Ink + Drink

Published on November 23rd, 2017

Ink + Drink


Art is a conduit for challenging mainstream ideas, expressing emotions and achieving catharsis for change. And sometimes art is just a bad-ass excuse to drink too many beers, get absolutely insano and look on at the ensuing cacophony of colors and noise, relishing the experience a little chaos brings. That’s sort of the anticipated effect of this marriage of hip-hop and street art known as Ink + Drink Sunday Social with Jabrjaw and Shithouse Mouse.

For the uninitiated, Shithouse Mouse is a visual artist who takes the sublime and makes it surreal. His Mickey Mouse with multiple eyes and bared teeth is like a Disney version of “Jacob’s Ladder” after three heroic doses of high-grade blotter acid. Yeah, his art is pretty dope. 

Jabrjaw, a.k.a Mista Belvedere, a.k.a Dj Keith Sweatpants, a.k.a Skkkrt Rambis, a.k.a Your Dad, is one of the hardest working dudes in the South Florida hip-hop scene. Whether DJ’ing, producing or rapping, Jabs, as he is affectionately known, is a non-stop powerhouse. So, naturally, the only thing to do is to take two combustable elements and put them together on Fort Lauderdale’s poshest street.

The idea is for Shithouse Mouse to create his art while Jabrjaw is performing his. Ink +  Drink is a concept that pairs the visual with the audio to create a unique experience culled from drunkenness. This is not an entirely new idea; folks have been getting crunk and artsy for a long time on their own. However, the folks at hosting venue two& have capitalized on the concept and found a way to get two extremely ill dudes together to create a molotov cocktail of an evening. It’s an interesting conception, presented in a room that’s a mixture of bicycle shop, bar and artists space at the tail end of Las Olas.

Some events are mellow affairs that lead to light hangovers and brunch. This will not be one of those. This will be more of a match to an open flame on top of a mountain of money and drugs. A good time will be had by most.

Ink + Drink Sunday Sunday Social with Shithouse Mouse and Jabrjaw is December 3 at two& in Fort Lauderdale
~ Tim Moffatt

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