Holly Hunt

Published on July 9th, 2019

South Florida is no stranger to doom and sludge (metal). However, where many groups in those fields may lean heavy on crunch, fuzz and perhaps screeched or howled vocals, Holly Hunt have a more syncopated, almost antiseptic sound. Sure, many of those elements are there, minus vocals, but they’re clear and concise; the elements of a well-oiled machine.

Everyone knows that with great tones comes the responsibility to let that tone breathe, and Gavin Perry, the band’s guitarist, does just that while drummer Beatriz Monteavaro covers the gaps with adroitly placed fills. The two complement each other’s playing in a way that most bands could only dream of; which makes sense for a duo who are a couple on and off stage. 

Holly Hunt are joined for a heavy evening in July at Churchill’s Pub in Miami by Praying, Life Pile and Las Nubes. Praying are an Oakland, California band calling themselves “experimental doom.” With interesting start-stop rhythms, distant vocals and fuzzed-out guitars, they could go one of two ways: bad day at the beach or hard night out with bikers from hell. Either way, someone is having a good time. The band has an ear for adding distorted squeaks and shrieks when necessary, and is reminiscent of a noisier Tweak Bird.

Rob Nuuja, March 2013, Monty’s Krown, Rochester

Life Pile are also from Oakland, and if the rest of their set sounds like their single “Nerve Enders,” the live experience will be something like Nirvana and Unsane together on a joyride with a worn out Beach Boys tape blasting through broken speakers. In a word: cool.

Finally, the local favorites: Las Nubes, the newly christened “Best Band” of 2019 by Miami New Times and hailed by Iggy Pop himself. Originally, these power-pop garage rockers were an army of one, as the solo project of Ale Campos of Wastelands fame, among other projects. Now Las Nubes consists of Ale, Emile Milgrim and Nina Carolina, a powerhouse trio that can shake like a funny car engine or mesmerize like a hypnotic wheel.

It’ll be one for the books: Bring earplugs, and whatever devil intoxicant vice you fancy, and brace for a night of loud.

Holly Hunt, Praying, Life Pile and Las Nubes play 9pm Tuesday July 16 at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. hollyhunt.bandcamp.com ~ Tim Moffatt

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