Gringo Star

Published on October 10th, 2014



GRINGO STAR PUREHONEYOver the sporadic release of three albums, Atlanta-based rock quartet Gringo Star, have revealed a nice evolution of style. Their first album, 2008’s self-released All Yall, was more akin to the straight-ahead rock crunch of the Strokes. But people loved it. In 2011, they signed with Gigantic Music, which released Count Yer Lucky Stars. A varied, dynamic shift in song tempos revealed a more assured talent for songwriting. But a bridge between nostalgic rock and modern kinetic writing would not emerge until last year’s perpetually interesting Floating Out To See, once again self-released by their own label: My Anxious Mouth.

On the new album, guitars have a brilliant luster, organs hum and songs are super rich with slide guitar and cooing vocals. Psychedelic rock is still a major influence, as vocals are often distorted as if coming through a megaphone. Reverb gives the guitars a nostalgic watery sound as well as blistering crunch. They even incorporate atmospherically retro instruments like Theremin and Stylophone. The songs never overstay their welcome, averaging about 3-minutes in length.

GRINGO STAR PUREHONEYFounded in 2008, the band is basically brothers Nicholas and Peter Furgiuele. The two recorded their new 7-inch single, “Long Time Gone” b/w “World of Spin” — just released on Dizzy Bird Records in October — in Peter’s basement. They handled all the instruments themselves with Nick taking vocals on the A-side and Peter singing leads on the B-side. Live, the brothers reveal they are capable multi-instrumentalists, as they often exchange guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and accordion, among others instruments. There has been a revolving door of extra musicians, but they more often than not play as a quartet.

Their kinetic live energy was captured in a vivid documentary of the band released in 2011, Hurry Up and Wait. The filmmakers followed the band on its first European tour, in 2009, enjoying success as a relatively unknown but exotic band from Atlanta, Georgia. Though the battle for success as an indie band has been up-hill for Gringo Star, the maturing of their sound over the years reveals a committed work ethic that’s filled with a creative verve.

Gringo Star play Propaganda on November 8 with Wake Up, Sweet Bronco and Milk Spot at 9pm and Bardot on November 6 at 10pm. Listen to and download World of Spin on this months PureHoney compilation!  |  RSVP

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