Faux Ferocious

Published on January 30th, 2019

Faux Ferocious w Poparazzi, DirtBike, Coral Canyons at Voltaire

How heavy does musical pedigree weigh on folks who are born to rock in the most rocking of towns? How do you stand out without becoming a flash in the pan? There are plenty of pitfalls that can occur and many more that could deter musicians from their pursuits. How do you manage to rock so that your brand of rock stands like a mighty cairn over the rest of the rockers?

For starters, you don’t try to reinvent the wheel. You drop the gimmicks and you let the rock ’n’ roll be your spiritual guide down the avenues and dusty roads before you. Such is the case for the mostly-Nashville outfit Faux Ferocious; ignoring whatever weight might be imposed upon them by the city’s proud musical history, this quartet is playing their rock and playing it well.

They met in college and have been rocking ever since. Starting with the Memetic Society label release of their debut single in 2011, “5 No 2 No 3 No None,” Faux Ferocious have grown over a handful of albums and singles, fine-tuning their clean blend of punk rock attitude via psych, blues, shoegaze/drone, post-punk and ambient noise.

Faux Ferocious (Nashville)

Even if the overall aesthetic of the band hearkens to a bygone era of one-hour drive-thru Fotomats, shag-rugged mini-vans and lo-fi region rock, the joke’s in name — there’s nothing ersatz about the wildness that they bring to the table. It helps that the element of trust that gels the band is cemented in the obvious strength of their friendship. That kind of shit comes through like gangbusters and makes their music even more compelling.

To stand out in and outside of the Nashville music scene, you’ve gotta have the chops and the charisma. You’ve gotta have the kind of swag that respects that which came before you and enough gumption to bring something significant back to it. You’ve gotta rock with the best and stand above the rest of the rockers. These guys are doing that well and they’ve got rock for years to come cuz the weight is no weight at all!

Faux Ferocious play 8pm February 8 at Voltaire in West Palm Beach w Poparazzi, DirtBike and Coral Canyons. fauxferocious.bandcamp.com ~ Abel Folgar

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