Published on November 25th, 2018

Everymen by Aten

The promise of death is arguably what makes life worth living. If there were no stakes to circumnavigate there could be no real growth, and without growth come stagnation and death. As King Mufasa would say, “It’s the circle of life.” And so we see our beloved confetti-strewn folk punks, Everymen, moving on to grander endeavors and leaving us with hats in hand and bowed heads.

This was inevitable, despite the gnashing of teeth and protests that would say otherwise. All good things have an end; that’s what imparts urgency in the moment. The demise of a thing is what puts a period on the end of its legacy.

Everymen will leave a void in our local scene and the musical landscape at large because they were always a spectacular live act and played good tunes. Not may bands can be fun, proficient and aesthetically on point; Everyman checked all of those boxes. While the group has wiggle-worded this as an indefinite hiatus, it takes chutzpah and a strong sense of finality to put serious work into something only to ice it at the height of its relevance. But what else to expect from the band that sang, “Take the cards you’ve been dealt/then throw ‘em in the air/and feed your soul/Shake your bones.”

There is hope that these talented musicians will go on to wow us in the future in some other incarnation with new and exciting output. They have a long pedigree of music-making here, so this end could be the blooming of something beautiful. For now, we have all the output they’ve left us and the memories of unicycles, confetti and fun. 

Of course now that we’ve gone ahead and called their demise, it would be on brand for them to psych us out and re-emerge invigorated and ready to play. Zombie confetti punx isn’t really a stretch for these guys or their devoted following of mayhem makers. In any event, their contributions will never be forgotten. So shake your bones, and once more into the fray.

Everymen play their final show 8 pm December 7 at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach with Vive Le Vox, Shehehe and Adam Sheetz. facebook.com/EVERYMEN.MUSIC/ ~ Tim Moffatt

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