Published on August 6th, 2019

The Fantastic Plastics return to Earth with “Disintegration”, the first single off their upcoming LP, Malfunction.

Download & Stream: The Fantastic Plastics - Disintegration Bandcamp | DSPs New LP Malfunction out October 4thSynth punk duo The Fantastic Plastics have released Disintegration, the debut single from their upcoming LP, Malfunction. With spastic analog synths, frantic guitar hooks, and paranoid vocals, “Disintegration” captures the essence of 80s new wave idols like The Cars and 90s synth rock icons The Rentals.

The duo says that “lyrically, Disintegration tells the story of a lead singer being unknowingly dosed with a psychedelic drug through a kiss from an obsessive fan. He begins disintegrating on stage until he reconnects with her during the afterglow of the post show party.”

The Fantastic Plastics have been performing “Disintegration” regularly on their weekly Twitch stream. The band, who are Twitch Affiliates, host a live stream for their fans (“The Plastic Party”) every Wednesday night at 9pm EST / 8pm CST. On the stream, they interact with the audience, playing new songs and taking requests from their back catalogue and library of covers. In addition to the weekly stream, Miranda Plastics hosts Twitchcraft sessions where she gives a behind the scenes look into the design of the band’s uniforms and other crafts.

“Disintegration” is the first single off the upcoming LP, Malfunction. Malfunction was recorded in the Fantastic Plastic’s home studio, The CoCo Beat, and mixed/mastered by Josh Hager (DEVO, The Rentals). Additional production and visuals were provided by non-touring member Dylan Plastic (known by the Plastic Party as ChickenBurgerDisco). Malfunction will be available on all platforms on October 4th.

Download & Stream: The Fantastic Plastics – Disintegration

The Fantastic Plastics play BUMBLEFEST on Friday, September 13

The Fantastic Plastics
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Describing themselves as “The Future of The Future”, The Fantastic Plastics mix new wave, synth punk, and electro elements with Orwellian and Sci-Fi inspired lyricism. The band is a two piece live act, consisting of Miranda Plastic on Moog Synth/Theremin, and Tyson Plastic on Guitar, as well as video installations, custom costumes, and more.

Following a stint in Brooklyn, where they made an impact at stages like the CMJ Music Marathon, Northside Festival, the Chris Gethard Show, and the Kotaku/io9 Cosplay Ball, The Fantastic Plastics spent a summer on VANS Warped Tour and returned to earth to perform at SXSW. Their second full-length LP, Malfunction, will be released on October 4th.

The Fantastic Plastics play BUMBLEFEST on Friday, September 13

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