Dark Water Rebellion

Published on March 7th, 2020

DWR by Allen Heimberger

Update the scene when Lewis, Ed, Bobby and Drew run afoul of the north Georgia locals in “Deliverance.” Chances are the soundtrack cue for that moment when the protagonists realize they’re all kinds of backwater fucked will be any track from the growing Dark Water Rebellion catalogue.

And there’s a reason as to why only this band could capture that sinking feeling: Everglades water run through a strainer of goth, grunge and garage. Formed in South Florida in 2015, DWR quickly took to the road and crisscrossed the U.S. making temporary homes of Los Angeles and Las Vegas before settling back east in Cleveland in 2017.

The core trio of guitarist/vocalist Brent Gorcie, drummer Danielle Romanowski and bassist Fabian Abarca have gelled well with their new environs in the world’s rock ’n’ roll capital. Their self-described (and accurate) “Southern Gothic Swamp Rock” has resonated with locals and these South Florida expats have become darlings of the Cleveland press, drawing routine accolades for musicianship and showmanship.

Fans of the Cramps, roots rock and delta blues will find something within the numerous layers of their deceptively simple compositions. Driven by Gorcie’s gravel-hot vocals, voodoo guitar and the rock-solid precision of the rhythm section, DWR commands repeat listens. Their self-titled 2017 debut album showed teeth sharpened by the demands of the road, while their 2019 follow-up, “Macabre,” is a fine-tuned and deliberate effort displaying the maturity of a band knowing their instinct is on point.

Their video for single “Chamensea,” directed by Gorcie, was filmed in Cleveland’s beloved punk dive Now That’s Class but the track’s name and drive, with the band and its Chilean bassist playing a “jam in C,” is a phonetic funny that bilingual South Florida will appreciate. DWR’s music would also benefit greatly for a vinyl release; it begs for the crackle and pops of dust living in the grooves.

Their dark and gritty, hip-shaking live sets turn the “Deliverance” energy of the recordings into sweaty, juke-joint abandon. Think snake-handling, devil-on-your-shoulder sexiness — it’s the kind of good time that skirts the knife’s edge and that you won’t soon forget.

Dark Water Rebellion perform 11 p.m. Thursday, March 12 at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. Check website or graphic above for other dates. darkwaterrebellion.com ~ Abel Folgar

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