Current and Past Issues of PureHoney

Published on March 3rd, 2022

A benefit of LPs and the like making comebacks is the commitment to presentation — creating a visual anchor to the music that can make »

Published on March 1st, 2022

Bee populations face a complicated future… so with that in mind, and a classic cinematic critique of Francoist Spain as guide, and the forgotten musical »

Published on February 27th, 2022

For the last 20 years the term “emo” has been bandied about by flabbergasted parents to define truculent youths decked in the latest Hot Topic »

Published on February 25th, 2022

When Tom Smith succumbed to cancer in January at age 65, he died peerless but left a world of family, friends and collaborators to mourn »

Published on February 25th, 2022

Some people, like sharks, have got to keep moving in order to survive. This work ethic is rare for most and non-existent for many, but »

Published on February 2nd, 2022

After a pandemic hiatus, northern Florida’s Winterland IV music festival is back and, in the founders’ words, “living on the edge of natural and digital »

Published on February 2nd, 2022

The Toasters are a band out of time. The group have been playing their brand of soul, pop and r&b-tinged ska since being founded in »

Published on February 2nd, 2022

If you were going to study whether nature or nurture makes a musician, Southern rocker Marcus King might be the specimen to dissect. The 25-year-old »

Published on February 2nd, 2022

It would be nice to think that Philadelphia’s Mannequin Pussy are attacking objectification, that their performative process is further scholarly research into awful ’80s films »

Published on February 2nd, 2022

New York birthed gritty punk bands that might be doing nefarious things in alleyways under sputtering street lamps. While that era and those groups were »

Published on January 25th, 2022

Band? Business? Cult? Kairos Creature Club hint they could be any number of things. Their Instagram says “multilevel interrogative self-help program.” Their Twitter warns, “WE »

Published on December 22nd, 2021

Rewind to 2017, pre-pandemic, when South Florida’s local music scene reverberated from Miami to Port St. Lucie, and venues up and down the coast hosted »