Published on May 24th, 2019

Pop music is a blank canvas. For all the complaining about quality of music in the age of Auto-Tune and SoundCloud rap, pop has always been whatever it’s supposed to be by the nature of being pop(ular). See how that works?

Some artists today write using algorithms that mimic hit-song properties and Spotify playlist characteristics. Is that wrong? Not really. It’s pop, after all. Assembling musical parts in the Frankenstein mold is not new. If, for example, you took some Green Day, a little All American Rejects and maybe some Weezer, stitched it together and brought it to life with lightning you would have the prototypical punk-pop band, a.k.a.  Bowling for Soup.

From Wichita Falls, Texas, Bowling for Soup gelled in the early ’90s and began a remarkable unbroken streak: a self-titled, self-released debut album in 1994; a stretch in the embrace of a major-label subsidiary, Jive Records, as roster-mates with everyone from Usher to Britney Spears; and on into 2013, when the band — by then back to self-releasing albums (now with crowdfunding) — announced a break.

Bowling for Soup

Along the way, they appeared in the movie “Cursed,” recorded a cover of Modern English’s “I Melt with You” for Disney’s “Sky High” and co-wrote and performed the theme song for Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb.” Say what you will about the musical stylings — even they did with their 2013 song, “Critically Disdained” — but anyone who knows a workaholic knows the promise of slowing down is an empty one.

Bowling for Soup resumed touring in 2014 and soldiered on through the inevitable band-life tensions and rumors of imminent breakup. Another full-length studio album — the band’s tenth — arrived in 2016. Eric Chandler, the original bass player, officially exited this year after a prolonged absence from touring, replaced by Rob Felicetti, previously of the Ataris.

And so here we are, 25 years on, with an anniversary tour and nary a checkered flag in sight. Some artists describe success as finally realizing they didn’t have to do everything that came their way. Apparently no one told Bowling for Soup they’ve made it.

Bowling for Soup, with Reel Big Fish and Nerf Herder, play 6pm June 19th at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale. ~ Tim Moffatt

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