Art Synergy

Published on January 1st, 2014

ARTSYNERGY2014800Back in May, Palm Beach County art luminaries Rolando Barrero (founder of the Boynton Beach Arts District and director of ActivistArtistA Gallery,) and local aspiring artist Craig McInnis met with other 561 creative minds in a brainstorming session they called “Think Tank,” with the hopes of unifying the county’s diversified arts community. The end result was Art Synergy, an amalgamating, cross-sectional, swath of genre-inclusive events designed as satellite fairs anchored to the larger ArtPalmBeach art fair held in January.

With Art Basel’s tangential art fairs in mind, Art Synergy will run from January 23-28, include over 60 galleries, studios, non-profit institutions and museums, and highlight six different art districts–each with its own arts walk.



South Dixie Antique Row Art Walk: January 24-27, 6-9pm
Boynton Beach Art District Art al Fresco: January 24, 6pm-1am
Continuum West Palm Beach: January 22-26, Times vary.
Lula’s Art Pop: January 26,12-7pm
Historic Northwood Village ArtX: January 25, 6-11pm
Worth Avenue Art Walk: January 23-26

Purehoney spoke with the 41-year-old co-organizer of Art Synergy, Craig McInnis, to gleam more info about the innovate, inaugural art fair.

PureHoney: How would you describe your art for those who are not familiar?
Craig McInnis: Hmmm, that’s always a difficult one, something like pop surrealism mixed with a cartoon edge. As a fine and commercial artist, my style has become very flexible. I “adjust” as needed to suit my client’s needs, while making sure I keep my “edge.”

PH: Was Art Synergy the main result of that Think Tank meeting?
CM: Think Tank has had a number of meetings and there are other initiatives in the pipeline, but Art Synergy was the first that we wanted to attack.

PH: What kind of relationship will Art Synergy have with ArtPalmBeach?
CM: ArtPalmBeach was gracious enough to welcome us with open arms. Lee Ann Lester (founder of ArtPalmBeach along with her husband) is our partner and at the same time a great mentor. They have included Art Synergy in all their press and web presence. They are also providing booth space on the floor of the show to promote our events.

PH: Can you give us a brief overview of all the events during Art Synergy?
CM: There are so many different things to enjoy amongst the six participating districts in our LOOP. Perhaps too many to even briefly mention. There will be visual art, 3D art, glass blowing, live art, music, dance, poetry, and fashion. Some districts are conventional “gallery” settings, some art walks, others more art fair, but all are definitely local and original! It is best to visit (or to learn more about each district’s events.

~Alex Rendon