Published on August 5th, 2017



People joke that Barry White had women declare their love to him during his concerts in front of their husbands and while the Walrus of Love was surely deserving of such admiration; New Wave and pop music icon Adam Ant is a close second to this emotional outpour. Ant, who began his career in the burgeoning UK punk scene of the late 70’s alongside the Ants can attribute his longevity to five decades’ worth of material that has always trumped its quality over nostalgia.

Widely considered a sex symbol in his youth, Ant and co. put forth a pastiche persona of cowboys and Indians wrestling with history and the accoutrements of the punk/New Wave lifestyle. Where the cartoonish look implied a belittling of talent in other outfits, Adam and the Ants inspired a mounting rise of fame and adulation known as “Antmania.”

After losing his original Ants to Malcolm McLaren’s Bow Wow Wow, Ant reconvened and produced the sophomore effort, Kings of the Wild Frontier—an album widely credited with defining the genre—a perfect balance of theatrical kitsch, musicianship, and art. Ant, born Stuart Goddard has wrestled with bipolar disorder since his youth and this sudden catapult into stardom brought on periods of inactivity that dotted the majority of his career.

With their third effort, Prince Charming barely capturing the previous thunder, the Ants disbanded and longtime guitarist and collaborator Marco Pirroni joined in Adam’s solo work. His debut as a solo artist, Friend or Foe proved that the creativity was still there and since, Ant has released five more solo albums with a seventh, Bravest of the Brave slated for release next year.

Ant, an indefatigable performer, has kept a busy schedule since reintroducing himself to touring in 2012 and now in the hot heels of the “Kings of the Wild Frontier Tour,” he’s kicking off “Anthems: The Singles Tour” from South Florida in which he’ll showcase the hits, the B-Sides, and his favorites from the second and third Ants albums. Antmania will be in full effect; white stripes across the face, singing along, declaring its love at the top of its lungs.

Adam Ant with guests Glam Skank at 8pm on Wednesday, September 6 at the Parker Playhouse. ~ Abel Folgar

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