ABCNT and Bernie Block Party

Published on February 6th, 2016

ABCNT and Bernie Block Party



Art, in particular street art, has long held a tangible connection with the political machines of its environment outside of the US. Not until Obama’s 2008 campaign and Shepard Fairey’sHope” poster, an iconic and instantly recognizable memento of the 44th President’s victory did this even enter the national subconscious.

“There’s a giant gap,” says artist ABCNT concerning politics and art, “and it’s been a source of frustration and inspiration at the same time.” As the Republican and Democratic parties rally to settle their would-be presidential candidates, ABCNT has lent his artistic support to Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, long believed to be the sole voice of reason in modern American politics.

ABCNT is an LA-based street/sticker artist, DJ and political activist. After reading Vice’s article concerning the connections between Sanders’ and Burlington’s beloved punk/youth club 242 Main, he joined the unofficial visual effort to get Sanders in front of the Democratic Party with his image of the candidate, spiky-haired, leather-clad and snarling into a microphone. “Bernie has been on my radar long before he started running for president,” he explains. “He’s always been consistent as an independent. I read (the Vice article) last year and it all came together in my head that Bernie’s the lead singer of a punk band.”



Sanders’ politics to date are representative of the subversion and animosity felt by many towards the policies of a certain party seriously considering a candidate best known for his hair, catch phrases and marriages. ABCNT sees a connection between the potential darkening of the American political panorama and contemporary art, “look at this current ‘street art’ trend towards these giant legal murals and see if any address any kind of social issue. How are they relevant to what’s going on in the world and I don’t think you will find many that speak beyond some art school tricks.” BUY HIS POSTER HERE!

Locally, another believer in Sanders is promoter Jon Jordan, who has already successfully held rallies in support of Sanders’ run in the prelims. “Consistency,” he says, has been the most appealing aspect of the candidate. “Bernie is one of the few whose voting record is consistent with the things he says and how he has voted and continues to vote.”

Jon Jordan  |   Art by Jacques de Beaufort

Jon Jordan | Art: Jacques de Beaufort

Approaching this benefit as he did previously, the February 28 Bands for Bernie Sanders Block Party will use the same formula of attracting music lovers from numerous demographics in order to rally support and awareness for the gentleman from Vermont’s politics.

Both Jordan and ABCNT are individual but influential factions hoping to bring Sanders’ political vision to the US Presidency and their task is monumental as the age group that they are ideally suited to target often proves to be the toughest. As Jordan explains, “many younger people believe the system to be rigged and in a way that is the message Bernie Sanders is preaching and ultimately shouting. That’s the reason as to why there has to be a political revolution.”

Bands for Bernie Block Party!
28 Bands – 3 Stages on February 28, 1pm-2am at Propaganda and Common Grounds on J Street in Lake Worth.
~Abel Folgar

Aces High Outside Stage
2:30 Pink Slip
3:30 Rod MacDonald
4:30 The Cravens
5:30 33 Years
6:30 A New Way To Live Forever
7:30 Shotgun Betty
8:30 Uproot Hootenanny
9:30 The Zoo Peculiar

Propaganda Stage
2:00 Mick Swigert of Spred The Dub
3:00 Rubberband
4:00 Rising Down
5:00 Now Breathers
6:00 The Prescription
7:00 Sada
8:00 Karol Stop Kallin
9:00 The Sunflowers
10:00 Kocosante
11:00 Thieving Hand
12:00 Shadow Reborn

Common Grounds Stage
2:30 Sunover
3:30 Soundproof
4:30 Blindsound
5:30 Cult Slang
6:30 Epicurean Pleasure
7:30 Pocket Of Lollipops
8:30 Jean Jacket

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