Aaron Lebos Reality

Published on August 2nd, 2019
Aaron Lebos Reality

Aaron Lebos Reality

When jazz guitarist Aaron Lebos performs with his trio, Aaron Lebos Reality, the aptness of the band name becomes clear: It really is an experience unto itself. The way Lebos blends moods and genres, the electrifying feel of the performance, the all-out commitment to a musical journey that is both extroverted and reflective, like a trip into your own soul — during that time on stage, the audience gets to step into a reality of the band’s own making.

Lebos is deeply embedded into South Florida’s music scene. He boasts impressive collaborations with notable artists such as Nicole Henry, Nu Deco Ensemble, The HoNGs,  and Miami’s turntablist jam band, the Spam Allstars. He is a sought-after session player with ensemble and solo projects to his credit. But Lebos truly brings his vision to life through his trio: Lebos on guitar, Andres Ferret on bass and Armando Lopez on drums.

The recorded works of Aaron Lebos Reality are expressions of both artistry and technique. Lebos received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and a masters from Florida International University, both in jazz performance. Though formal education in music can certainly inspire, it can’t teach the indescribable other quality that Lebos brings to his records and live shows. A Frankenstein’s monster of instrumentalism, the eclectic culmination of sound is somehow perfectly cohesive in any arrangement Lebos chooses. These jazz cats brilliantly fuse with slow jams, prog, funk, rock ’n roll, R&B and world music to create an endless variety of ideas.

With their expansive influences, Aaron Lebos Reality give you in one song what you might expect over the course of an entire album. The listener is carried through mellow downtempo grooves, moody blues riffs, slick licks and shredding rock solos, and then hurled back though it all again. Aaron Lebos Reality are known for their original compositions, but also for their improvisational jams. Expect a performance that’s never happened before and will never be repeated. 

As Lebos once said in an interview with the “Locals Only” program on WVUM, “We open it up for solos and hopefully some madness happens.”

Aaron Lebos Reality perform with Trip for Voltaire’s 2 Year Anniversary! 8pm Friday August 23 in West Palm Beach. OPEN BAR 8-10, FREE TICKETS HERE! ~ Freddie Zandt