Lake Worth Vinyl Project Master List

Published on April 19th, 2013
R01-C01 LW Vinyl Project
R01-C02 Serg Witis Orphans Tom Waits
R01-C03 Irina Shlain The Best of Aretha Franklin Aretha Franklin
R01-C04 Tim Budz The First Album The Devil Makes Three
R01-C05 Jesse Bauman New Moon Elliott Smith
R01-C06 Reid Worroll Teaser and the Firecat Cat Stevens
R01-C07 Davee Bryan Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
R01-C08 Carol Lesnik Who’s Next The Who
R01-C09 Lylah Levy Ahh…The Name is Bootsy, Baby! Bootsy Collins
R01-C10 Jared Levy Electric Warrior T. Rex
R02-C01 Chris Cameron Head The Monkees
R02-C02 Chris Hora Chairs Missing Wire
R02-C03 Kristen Eatough The Ramones The Ramones
R02-C04 Matt Guider Hatful of Hollow The Smiths
R02-C05 Erica Guider Watch The Throne Jay Z and Kanye West
R02-C06 Michael Moore The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust David Bowie
R02-C07 Ryan Burk Lust For Life Iggy Pop
R02-C08 Gregory Quadagru Quadrophenia The Who
R02-C09 Jared & Lylah Levy T. Rex & Bootsy Collins
R02-C10 Elizabeth Glatz Music from the Movie Soundtrack – Legend Tangerine Dream
R03-C01 Tris Coffin Home Is Where I Belong Quicksand
R03-C02 John Ralston Harvest Neil Young
R03-C03 Frankie Ralston The Magic Flying Carpet Walt Disney
R03-C04 Valerie diValentin Wildflowers Tom Petty
R03-C05 Kay Ralston The Best of Sam Cooke Sam Cooke
R03-C06 Chris Glatz Planets Eloy
R03-C07 Michael K. Miller Louisiana Rock & Roll Potliquor
R03-C08 Randall Morgan Are You Experienced The Jimi Hendrix Experience
R03-C09 Fran Benz Hey Joe The Leaves
R03-C10 Berta Henderson Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66
R04-C01 Nathan Jezek leave here a stranger Starflyer 59 (SF59)
R04-C02 Tiffany Jezek Odessey & Oracle The Zombies
R04-C03 Penelope Jezek Shadows of The Summertime John Ralston
R04-C04 Gene Pandolfi The Thomas Crown Affair Michel Legrand
R04-C05 Robb Erwin Killed by Florida (Florida Punk Rock 1978-85) Various
R04-C06 Braden Wortz Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia The Dandy Warhols
R04-C07 Lence Wortz Chronicle, Vol. 1 (The 20 Greatest Hits) Creedence Clearwater Revival
R04-C08 Julie Kline The Turn Of A Friendly Card The Alan Parsons Project
R04-C09 Kevin Kline Innervisions Stevie Wonder
R04-C10 Lance Yaeger Leader of the Pack / Rockin’ With Wanda! The Shangri-Las / Wanda Jackson
R05-C01 Andrea Duclos Forever Changes Love
R05-C02 Jeff Skrzypek I Fought The Law The Bobby Fuller Four
R05-C03 Lucy Eshelman Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
R05-C04 Steve Eshelman Pet Sounds The Beach Boys
R05-C05 Evan Mui The Beatles (The White Album) The Beatles
R05-C06 Bobby Yapkowitz Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin
R05-C07 Mauricio Guerrero Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
R05-C08 Stefanie Caro Seven And The Ragged Tiger Duran Duran
R05-C09 Jacob Baez Reggatta de Blanc The Police
R05-C09 Maria Vergova Reel Music The Beatles
R05-C10 Steve Ellman Sandinista! The Clash
R06-C01 Melissa Schulte Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963 Sam Cooke
R06-C02 Jeff Snow Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco
R06-C03 Harrison Snow Kiss Peter Criss
R06-C04 Chris Palacio Low David Bowie
R06-C05 Elizabeth Brach Abbey Road The Beatles
R06-C06 Evan Jones Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan
R06-C07 George Magalios Presence Led Zeppelin
R06-C08 Janet Zibelli Deja Vu Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
R06-C09 Peter Zibelli Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Be
R06-C10 Daniel Brian KC and the Sunshine Band KC and the Sunshine Band
R07-C01 Charlie Caraccio Exile on Main Street The Rolling Stones
R07-C02 Thomas Caraccio Play Guitar with the Ventures The Ventures
R07-C03 Andy McAusland Rust Never Sleeps Neil Young and Crazy Horse
R07-C03 Declan McAusland Rust Never Sleeps Neil Young and Crazy Horse
R07-C04 Tuesday Gilliam Faith George Michael
R07-C05 Onalee Blue Birthday Party The Care Bears
R07-C05 Syd Blue Birthday Party The Care Bears
R07-C06 Chris Bell Rahsaan Rahsaan Rahsaan Roland Kirk
R07-C07 Justin Crumpton Ritchie Valens Ritchie Valens
R07-C08 Johnny Sablan Rockabilly Psychosis & the Garage Disease Various
R07-C09 Rudi Kothe The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
R07-C10 Gonzalo Vizcardo Ese Mar Es Mio Eliana Pittman
R08-C01 Mike Shoemaker Circle of Love Steve Miller Band
R08-C02 Katherine Murphy 4 Dungen
R08-C03 Mia Romano Thriller Michael Jackson
R08-C04 Corey Wilson I’m A Man The Spencer Davis Group
R08-C05 Dane Pierce Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
R08-C06 Chris Miller You Gotta Wash Your Ass Red Foxx
R08-C07 Krys Parker Synchronicity The Police
R08-C08 Steven Settle Still Crazy After All These Years Paul Simon
R08-C09 Amanda Pio 20 Greatest Hits The Beatles
R08-C10 Noal Lawshe Chronicle, Vol. 1 (The 20 Greatest Hits) Creedence Clearwater Revival
R09-C01 Jon Glassman Permalight Rogue Wave
R09-C02 Sarah Glassman Eat to the Beat Blondie
R09-C03 Adolfo Bacigalupo Outlandos d’Amour The Police
R09-C04 Indigo Den-Sant Greatest Hits Queen
R09-C05 Garrett Bunton Swappin’ Spit The Goddamn Gallows
R09-C06 Nick DeMott Damn Right, Rebel Proud Hank Williams III
R09-C07 Tim Fine Fiddler on the Roof Various
R09-C08 Alexis Dyde Blood on the Tracks Bob Dylan
R09-C09 Mike Galvin Freak Out! The Mothers of Invention
R09-C10 Beverly Galvin The Flintstones Hanna-Barbera
R10-C01 David Arena Under The Big Black Sun X
R10-C02 Alisha Lazaro Back to Black Amy Winehouse
R10-C03 Henry Koster The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Pink Floyd
R10-C04 Angela Schaeferle The Mamas and the Papas Deliver The Mamas and the Papas
R10-C05 Leo Schaeferle Aoxomoxoa Grateful Dead
R10-C06 Billy Miller Abbey Road The Beatles
R10-C07 Dave Wilson Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport & Sun Arise Rolf Harris
R10-C08 Christin Sigworth Desire Bob Dylan
R10-C08 Peter Lemaristro Desire Bob Dylan
R10-C09 Max McMillan The Wild & Mild Sides of Woody Martens Woody Martens
R10-C10 Alan Schmid Savage Young The Beatles
R11-C01 Hollis Tidwell III Deliver Me From My Enemies The Yabby You Vibration
R11-C02 Brett Fitzgerald Time of The Zombies The Zombies
R11-C03 Ava Fitzgerald Sweet Baby James James Taylor
R11-C04 Liam Fitzgerald The Game Queen
R11-C05 Bill Clutter Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
R11-C06 Missy Clutter Van Halen Van Halen
R11-C07 Chris Abbott Exit…Stage Left Rush
R11-C08 Patrick Robinson Thank You Music Lovers Spike Jones
R11-C09 Charles Scott Thriller Michael Jackson
R11-C10 Damien ViVona Kiss Kiss
R12-C01 Lara Bizzotto The Best of The Runaways The Runaways
R12-C02 Milla Bizzotto Snow White Walt Disney
R12-C03 Matt Parker Ramones The Ramones
R12-C04 John Silvernail Pure Pop For Now People Nick Lowe
R12-C05 Lee Lipton A Night At Sudio 54 Various
R12-C06 Max Desharnais 74 Jailbreak AC/DC
R12-C07 Chance Hutchison Nilsson Schmilsson Nilsson
R12-C08 JC Niquet Darkness on the Edge of Town Bruce Springsteen
R12-C09 Seb Godin Music Madness from the Kinetic Kid Klark Kent
R12-C10 Bidwell Cranage Imagine John Lennon
R13-C01 Bowie Elvis Presley in Kid Galahad Elvis Presley
R13-C02 Anna Powell Songs from the Mickey Mouse Club Serials Walt Disney
R13-C03 Francis Grenon Hysteria Def Leppard
R13-C04 Marvin Ray Hawkins Vivaldi, The Four Seasons Pinchas Zukerman
R13-C05 Michele Woofter The Doors The Doors
R13-C06 Adam Sheetz Django Reinhardt & the American Jazz Giants Django Reinhardt
R13-C07 Lindsey Sayre A Night At The Opera Queen
R13-C08 Aaron Knox Trio D. Parton, L. Ronstadt, & E. Harris
R13-C08 Kim Kilby Trio D. Parton, L. Ronstadt, & E. Harris
R13-C09 Steve Satch The Original Monster Mash Bobby “Boris” Pickett
R13-C10 Sparticus Zapf Lovesick Broke & Driftin’ Hank Williams III
R14-C01 Cecil Lunsford Let It Be The Replacements
R14-C02 Leila Lunsford The Game Queen
R14-C03 Morgan Long Dreamboat Annie Heart
R14-C04 Meaghan Lehrer Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin
R14-C04 Tom Oddo Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin
R14-C05 John D. Hazard London Calling The Clash
R14-C06 Eamon Ford Spirit If Kevin Drew
R14-C07 Keith Popejoy Johnny Cash at San Quentin Johnny Cash
R14-C08 Bill Reid The Skyliners The Skyliners
R14-C08 Ro Reid The Skyliners The Skyliners
R14-C09 Billy Reid Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963 Sam Cooke
R14-C10 Scott Green A Woman Lives For Love Wanda Jackson
R15-C01 Craig Young Exile on Main Street The Rolling Stones
R15-C02 Dar Lopez Living With The Law Chris Whitley
R15-C03 James Hunnicutt Greatest Hits Hank Williams
R15-C04 Jesse Roderick Wanderin’ Around Hank Williams
R15-C05 Jeremy Garland Ghost of Th Rails The Goddamn Gallows
R15-C06 Tommy Brewer Rock ‘N’ Roll High School The Ramones
R15-C07 Meaghan Vocino The Greatness of Johnny Cash Johnny Cash
R15-C08 Elliott Schwenk Bubblecore Beatnik Termites
R15-C09 Lauren Green The Supremes A’ Go-Go The Supremes
R15-C10 Paige Green Ring of Fire, The Best of Johnny Cash Johnny Cash
R16-C01 Aggie Kaler The Murder City Devils The Murder City Devils
R16-C02 Shanon Sapienza I Wanna Be Free Loretta Lynn
R16-C03 Dana Krangel Rumours Fleetwood Mac
R16-C04 John O’Keefe 13th Floor Elevators 13th Floor Elevators
R16-C05 Matt Krug Career Suicide A Wilhelm Scream          1236-7
R16-C06 Sally Parsons Nick of Time Bonnie Raitt
R16-C07 Steev Rullman Lido Th’ Faith Healers
R16-C08 Lauren Vocino Dear You Jawbreaker
R16-C09 Dave Earley Time Out The Dave Brubeck Quartet
R16-C10 Thank You’s